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International Program

paralegal course
  • Diploma


  • 2 Semesters (8months)


  • September 24th.,? 2018
  • March 18th., 2019

Most of us can’t live without social media and our favourite mobile apps. With more and more people relying on their phones to do virtually everything, companies need talented mobile application developers to create the latest and greatest smartphone applications.

That’s why mobile application development is such a hot career field.Mobile application developers create programs and innovative content for iOS and Android. Businesses and consumers alike look to new apps and other technological advances to promote products, coordinate schedules, create and share content and entertain themselves. Those starting out in mobile app development can make *$60,000 or more a year, while those with a few years of experience in the field can quickly make a six-figure income.

mobile app development

Course Details:

  • Introduction to Programming with Objective-C
  • Swift Programming
  • iOS Application Development
  • Advanced iOS Application Development
  • iOS Based Game Development
  • Mobile Web Development I
  • Mobile Web Development II
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Developing Mobile Applications on Android
  • Advanced Application Development on Android
  • Game Development on Android Platform


clock-10-vector-4610325Total Hours: 640

Semester 1 – iOS 260 Hours?
Introduction to Programming with Objective-C 80
iOS Application Development 60
Advanced iOS Application Development 60
iOS Based Game Development 60
Semester 2 – Android 380 Hours?
Introduction to Java Programming 80
Developing Mobile Application on Android 60
Advanced Application Development on Android 60
Game Development on Android Platform 60
Mobile Web Development I 60
Mobile Web Development II 60

Duration: 2 Semesters (8months)


123Admission Requirement

  • IELTS : 6
  • Academic Background: High School Diploma


  • Tuition (the whole program)     $15000
  • Book Fees(not mandatory)       $1000
  • International Fees                       $0
  • Other Fees                                    $2000

Untitled-7Payment Structure?

  • 25% of the whole tuition with a signed contract before arrival

Untitled-9Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Mobile Game Developers
  • Mobile Web Specialist
  • Mobile Specialist
  • Enterprise Mobile Specialist
  • Self-Employment
  • Mobile Software Developer